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An innovative approach to accelerating global TB vaccine development

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Recently, Tuberculosis published the article The TB vaccine development pathway – An innovative approach to accelerating global TB vaccine development. The publication emphasizes the importance of a diverse TB vaccine pipeline to address TB-specific challenges in vaccine development. Individual vaccine candidates must be advanced rationally and the global pipeline must be managed in a more responsive and resource-efficient way, especially in the current constrained funding environment.

The TB Vaccine Development Pathway has been developed to provide information and guidance for TB vaccine development from discovery to implementation.

The Pathway is underpinned by generic and TB vaccine-specific guidelines, regulatory frameworks, and best practice, and was compiled by a multi-disciplinary team of scientific and technical experts with the input of the TB vaccine community. The Pathway is a unique tool to guide and accelerate the development of TB vaccine candidates and may be useful for other vaccine development fields.

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